Invitation & Welcome

It is our great pleasure to announce that the 2nd International Conference on Advanced Functional Materials & Interfaces (AFMI) will be held in Wuhan, China, during November 01-05, 2018.


The AFMI conference is a merger between FCM (Functional Carbon Materials) and AMI (Applied Materials and Interfaces), this occasion to present latest scientific developments and future trends concerning advanced functional materials and interfaces. This conference is being designed to bring you a fruitful gathering, allowing the contact with key researchers around the world, opening up opportunities for collaborations globally.


Welcome to Wuhan!



                                            Ming XU & Kaifu HUO

AFMI2018 Organizing Committee

Conference Topics

The proposed topics include, but are not limited to:

enlightenedCarbon Nanotubes

enlightenedGraphene and Graphdiyne

enlightenedFullerene and Metallofulerene

enlightenedOther Nano-carbon Materials

enlightenedFunctional Materials on Energy

enlightenedMaterials Surface Modification

enlightenedInterfaces Science and Engineering

enlightenedBiomaterials and Semiconductors

enlightenedSmart Materials and Their Applications

enlightenedPlasma-based Technology and Instruments

enlightenedIndustrial Applications and Scaling Issues

Conference Mission

The AFMI conference will bring together around 100-200 scientists, engineers and technologists from across academia and industry to share the latest advances in the functional materials and interfaces.

Besides the plenary and keynote talks given by the distinguished professors. There are 2 parallel seesions given in the AFMI conference on the carbon science and technology & the applied materials and interfaces.

The joy of reunion and collaboration in the conference is the AFMI mission. 















Exhibition and Sponsorship Opportunities

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